The village of Garmen is the administrative centre of the Municipality of Garmen, which comprises 16 settlements. The natural resources – fresh air, healing mineral waters, and numerous cultural and historical monuments – make the municipality an extremely preferred destination for rural tourism, vacation and recreation. The spots that are frequented as tourist destinations include the villages of Ognyanovo, Kovachevitsa, and Leshten.

Ognyanovo is a small, picturesque village hidden in the mountain folds, suitable for rural and balneology tourism, and for a quiet and cozy vacation in the natural environment.

The earliest information about Ognyanovo mineral springs can be traced back to the Roman Period in the Balkan Peninsula. There are 24 thermal mineral springs in Ognyanovo Mineral Baths, of which the Miroto is the largest one. These sources make an extremely rich hydropower resource with a huge outflow rate and their waters are suitable for treatment and water-drinking balneology procedures alike. The water composition is noted for its strong alkaline reaction, high content of fluorine ions, hyperthermality and low mineral content. It treats diseases of the locomotor system, chronic disorders of the peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases, and respiratory and cardiovascular system disorders.

Not a few luxury hotels are built in Ognyanovo with well-developed balneology centres, which offer all necessary conditions both for complete rest and recreation, and for treatment and prophylaxis. Most hotels avail up-to-date and functionally equipped rooms for balneotherapy, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, rehabilitation and massage, and aesthetic procedures for the body. Here the holidays can be combined with exploring the cultural and historical monuments and museums and visiting the Late Ancient Roman city of Nicopolis ad Nestum.

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