Bulgaria – a hidden gem

Singing praises of his own house is part of the job of any host. This time, however, we have adopted a different approach: glimpsing at Bulgaria through the eyes of native speakers of English, one of which is an occasional visitor and the other a permanent resident. 

It is impossible to escape beauty when you visit Bulgaria, writes Luana Weaver, travel enthusiast and editor at Route4Us, quoted by travel blog Chasing the Donkey. You’re either going to be enjoying the coastline of the Black Sea or the majestic mountainous interior. In either case, the crisp fresh air will likely revitalize your entire being. While these are obvious positives, what you can experience in Bulgaria goes much deeper. For instance, the mixing of different cultures results in some of the most fascinating dance, music, arts, and artifacts found anywhere in the world. Interestingly, you don’t hear many people saying that Bulgaria is at the top of their vacation list – or on their vacation list at all – but almost everyone who visits Bulgaria comes back saying it was one of their top travel experiences. Consider this nation of roughly 7 million people a hidden gem. 

While visiting Bulgaria (in all 4 seasons) would be a wise decision, deciding what to do can be tricky – there is just so much on offer, the travel blogger concludes. In other words, there is something for everyone – be it a family of four, a romantic couple or an adventurous climber, skier or diver. 

"I made the move to Bulgaria with the idea of enjoying a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of London, confides Nadia Damon, freelance journalist and longtime resident of Sandanski. For me, it represented a unique opportunity to experience another culture in the midst of a new era – post-Communism and making plans to become an EU member state. Along the way I have made some amazing friends and hit upon a work-life balance that I could never have expected to enjoy elsewhere."